The preliminary order must be reviewed and confirmed with the seller, after which the order becomes binding and the official payment and booking conditions take effect. With the booking fee, the customer can book the products for themselves. The customer can cancel their order until the final invoice due date by notifying the seller in writing. The order will also be considered cancelled if the final invoice is not made by the due date or after one notice has been given. The booking fee is non-refundable. If the customer cancels their order or the order is considered to have been cancelled, the seller has the right to return the products for resale. After the final invoice has been made, the product has no right of exchange or return, and payments already made will not be refunded.

The amount of the booking fee is 20 percent of the tax-free balance. The VAT on the booking fee is 24%. The booking payment option is valid for orders over €10,000 (excl. VAT).

After the invoice has been paid, the customer has no right to cancel, exchange and/or return the products, and payments already made will not be refunded. An exception shall be made in case the customer is prohibited from entering Finland and/or leaving their country of departure due to official restrictions imposed by health and/or other authorities at the time of the event, in which case the customer has a right to cancel the products and any payments made by the buyer prior to the cancellation will be refunded accordingly. Apart from the aforementioned payments made by the customer, any direct and/or indirect damages of the buyer occurred due to the cancellation shall not be refunded.

If the games are cancelled or the purchased products cannot be used due to restrictions imposed by the authorities, the buyer will be refunded the compensation paid for the cancelled products.

General billing terms: 14 days net or by agreement.

Closer to the event, the seller will deliver to the specified address the event tickets included in the order, the accompanying material, and the necessary instructions. The seller reserves the right to make any changes to the contents of the package as they deem fit and will immediately notify the customer of these.